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Those are the main goals of the BONT Club. This is a bespoke mentorship program to help freelance Web Designers who are very hands on, bridge the gap between feeling insecure about their skills, stuck in a rut, creatively starved, and with an unstable income, to getting to an advanced level in Web Design, and having a financially peaceful career, so they can have more freedom to achieve a good work-life balance.

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We have been following Adrián's work for a while and we came across his Masterclass through his YouTube channel. We both agreed that it was something we needed to do to take the next step in improving our web design studio Shiny Octopus. Joining Bont's master class opened up our horizons and gave us access to new knowledge. It allowed us to accurately budget and seek out the ideal client for us. We were able to restructure how we sell ourselves and enhance our service. It also allowed us to delve deeper into the design processes, aiming for excellence in our products.

In less than 4 months, we were able to implement what we learned and close our first deal with a new client at more than double our previous price.

Regarding the classes, the content is of great value, and every Wednesday we have a feedback session with Adrián, who guides us through any doubts we may have.

Signing up was a great decision and an invaluable investment for our studio,

Shiny Octopus.

In less than 4 months, we were able to close our first deal at more than double our previous price.


Just half a year back, I was a business-savvy professional, ten years deep in the world of sales, holding UX/UI design certifications but also grappling with self-doubt. The transition to Web Design seemed as daunting as climbing a mountain. Then, The Bont Club emerged on my horizon, not merely a game-changer, but the bridge I needed to transform my life.

The Bont Club's masterclass, a Michelin 3-star equivalent in the Web Design world, transformed me. Within four months of the Web Design Master Class, I tripled my investment, a testament to the WDMC and the invaluable skills and confidence I have gained thus far.

While I can't deny the role my past experience in business and sales had to play, it was Adrian and The Bont Club that have built the bridge for my career to pivot into web design. The Bont Club isn't just a club, it's a supportive family, and I wholeheartedly endorse it.

Within four months of the Web Design Master Class, I tripled my investment.


Since joining the BONT Club, I have more than tripled my yearly revenue. Moreover, it helped me choose my path and where I want to go with my freelance business. It is helping me cut off low-billing clients and find and attract high-billing ones and the ones I truly want to work with.

Last month, I closed two $3.5K projects thanks to the course. The design part of the course helped me feel more confident with my design services, which allowed me to double my hourly rate in no time.

It comes with hard work, but when you truly commit, be proactive, listen to the feedback, and educate yourself, you can achieve something incredible with this course. I am just starting out, and I can already see the results.

Since joining the BONT Club,

I have more than tripled my yearly revenue.


As a Creative Lead and a professional Graphic Designer for almost two decades,

it’s important for me to stay sharp, to always level up and look for new perspectives, current standards and up-to-date knowledge.

And from design thinking to implementation, this Master Class delivered.
Each topic was handled with consideration in a very palatable manner
and it was easy to understand each point and see the benefit in applying
it to my own processes.

This class did more than keep me au courant in Digital Design, it opened me up to

a higher level in my approach to Digital Design as well as creative leadership.
My money wasn’t well spent here, it was well invested.

I have closed 4 [projects] so far, and I have 7 more projects in discussion. With the revenue from these projects, I have made back my investment by 1.5 times, and from now on it's all profit.



I can say that Adrian saved my freelance career before I even started. My intention was to offer web design and development services and thanks to a conversation with Adrian I understood that I had to focus on what I was good at: design.

After leaving my career in sales, I decided to start freelancing at the same time I joined the club and after months of trying and testing I have now reached the point I wanted and I keep receiving projects to work on. I have closed 4 so far, and I have 7 more projects in discussion. With the revenue from these projects, I have made back my investment by 1.5 times, and from now on it's all profit.

I've been with BONT Club for more than six months now and I don't regret it. In terms of design I have managed to expand my creativity and try new things that have helped me to get projects. From the basics of typography to using grid out of the box. I have also learned to value my work and how to charge for it and how to make a winning strategy to get clients and make a living as a freelancer.

Finally I would like to mention the support of the club, great designers that help you to improve and that you can rely on when you need it.

I definitely recommend it!

Over the years, sometimes being the solo designer in a team, I was always curious about other designers' processes. However, since joining the BONT club, I am grateful for the diverse community of designers I have found. Everyone's opinion is heard regardless of experience. Being a part of this group has helped me build relationships with other designers and improve my collaboration, design, and business skills.


After years of scouring all online course platforms and YouTube, I can safely say that the Web Design Master Class (WDMC) is just the best, most thorough, Web Design course I’ve ever encountered.

Adrián is not only the sweetest guy, he is also extremely knowledgeable and goes out of his way to share and help with every single thing his long years of experience have taught him, doing everything he can to guarantee he has helped and that you fully understand every concept.

[...] My skill level and overall perspective of the industry (plus my ability to deal with new challenges that came along during the course) have grown at a really rapid pace in a rather short period of time and, for that, I am extremely grateful.
To be honest, this course is a tremendous value (I would say a steal hehe). The investment is basically negligible if you consider the impact this will most likely have on your development as a digital designer.

To top it all off, I feel like I've made some really nice friends in the process, and we now get to hang out every week, share our experiences and help each other out as we go and navigate our own challenges (BONT® Club), which is just super cool! [...]



My mission with the BONT® Club is to help junior to intermediate Web Designers...

Drag to the circle the feelings
you identify with

This iS for you if you feeL

The online course

A niche, private community

Weekly Sessions

Once you enroll, you will have unlimited access to the lifetime of the BONT® Club. The program is ongoing, and you can do it on demand at your own pace. There’s no time cap, to remove any limitations. You will have me and the BONT Club members to support you every step of the way, until you achieve your goals, & beyond.


The curriculum includes ≈25hs of on-demand lessons that you can see at your own pace, that will walk you step-by-step through how to:


Focus on Web Design, stop spreading thin. Learn how to pick a niche and become the go-to expert so you can stand out from the crowd. Productize, price and sell your services. Know your worth, & charge accordingly.

Learn long-term and short-term strategies to get consistent work. Learn the art of selling Web Design services like an expert. Learn how to hit your revenue goals and diagnose your numbers like a CEO.

Learn how to multiply your rates, your income and your profit as fast as possible, how to manage your time and automate tasks to be more efficient, so you can focus on the things about your business you enjoy doing the most.

Learn Identity Design, typography, grids, composition, animation, color, systems & process. A summarized curriculum with only the skills necessary to get to an advanced level, to save you from wasting hundreds of hours with unnecessary skills.

Learn the right mindset and fundamentals to make the most of your career. Success has a lot to do with having the right mindset, so that's what you will start working on.



A members only group of engaged Web Designers in which you will share your progress, ask questions, encourage & be encouraged by others, and share your journey with like-minded designers like you.

Weekly live group coaching calls with Adrián Somoza to get your questions answered, and get feedback on your design work. If you can’t connect to a call, you will be able to see the replay of all the calls as well.





Adrian teaches an exceptional course that will bring your design skills to the next level. You will dive into very advanced Web Design techniques. Further, you will learn how to improve your soft skills, resolve conflicts and become a leader in the Web Design field.

The BONT® Club is an inspiring group of like-minded designers from all over the world that will enable you to learn from others experiences, stay accountable and share your work.

This course was a great investment for my career and worth every cent!

Adrian is a mentor who trains others to become mentors, not just students. His course is a real masterclass, ideal for ambitious Web Designers who want to lead and advance to the next level. By following his design process, I was finally able to systematically find new fresh ideas in a way that can be easily replicated. This alone is gold to me. 

After attending various design courses, I can say Adrian's WDM is unparalleled in its level of detail in explaining both the visual and psychological aspects of Web Design. The course gives students an in-depth knowledge of the design industry.

There are so many great tips and tricks in the soft-skills chapter, I feel like I'm getting so much for the money I spent.

Cannot recommend enough!

And I'll be your coach for the BONT Club. I'm a former Lead Designer at MediaMonks, with past clients like adidas, RedBull and Nike, more than 10 years of experience, and some awards under my belt.



I had to bridge

a gap

From working for my friends & family in my bedroom,

to working for Fortune 500 companies like adidas, RedBull and the Olympics & being contacted by Apple & Microsoft.

From being completely in the dark in the design industry,

to winning awards (like a SOTD in Awwwards), & being featured in places like Muzli, Abduzeedo & Behance.

From working 9-5 as an employee for around 7 years,

to being my own boss, & having
the freedom to chose when & where

to work.

From 0 followers

to thousands of followers in my different social media accounts.

From earning a local salary in a 3rd world country (Argentina)

to charging international rates.

From spreading thin and having to wear a lot of hats

to being able to focus on Web Design which is what I love doing.

Here’s a collection of free resources funded by my paid students.


I'm sharing free tutorials with freelance Web Designers to help bridge the gap for those who cannot afford to join the BONT® Club (yet, wink-wink).


If you are working as a Web Designer & you’re spreading yourself thin, wearing a lot of hats, or you are getting crickets or rejected when you apply to job offers, this mini course is for you. Get an actionable plan that Adrián has used to get his first design job, as well as used to help other Web Designers do the same. By signing up you will be added to our email list. You can unsubscribe at anytime.

• Google doc with a checklist.
• A 40min video.


Get the Golden Canon Grid V3.0, and join 3.5K+ students in learning 5 secrets to design beautiful websites with the Golden Canon Grid. By signing up

you will be added to our email list. You can unsubscribe at anytime.

Some stats:

• 44k+ downloads.
• 7K+ students.
• 300+ 5 star ratings

in Gumroad.

Ready to bridge the gap in your freelance Web Design career?

The BONT® Club is admission only. You can apply to see if you're a fit.

Here's what to expect with the application process:

1. You'll fill out a form and submit it (5mins).

2. I'll reach out within 48hs to setup a call.

3. We'll have a chat and decide together if the BONT® Club is a fit for you, and if it's the right time for you to invest in it.

4. If you're a fit, I'll share with you the details and set everything up to get you started!